Discover Wiithaa in less than 2 minutes

In the framework of the new year 2019, we wanted a cool vidéo to present our activities but also the story of the now famous bower bird, from which we borrowed the name but also a creative mindset.

We chose a simple and colorful design, in line with our tools and our deliverables. The text is didactic and paced by 3 parts, to keep inspiring you and simplifying a complex but still interesting and concrete methodology: the circular design.

In less than 2 minutes, 1’55 to be precise, we introduce the 5 services we offer to help you in your transformation, innovation or evolution strategies and project for more and better value.

The vocabulary and graphism highlight nature, business but also user experience like our approach does, and lead to a clear, holistic and aesthetic result.

“WIITHAA is the Aboriginal name of an unusual bird. In order to seduce the female, the male bird builds nests that it meticulously decorates by collecting all the resources at its disposal. It uses dried grass, twigs and even plastic caps or straws. The Wiithaa recovers and transforms into opportunities the plastic that we consider to be waste.

Like the Wiithaa bird, the circular design agency Wiithaa ingeniously combines the economy and nature.

Today, 80% of the costs and impacts of a product or service depend on its design. By looking at the whole system, Wiithaa designs products and services, along with their business models, in such a way as to be economically profitable, regenerative for ecosystems and socially virtuous.

À l’image de cet oiseau, l’agence de design circulaire Wiithaa concilie ingénieusement économie et nature.

Aujourd’hui, 80% des coûts et impacts d’un produit ou service dépendent de sa conception. En considérant l’ensemble du système, Wiithaa conçoit des produits et services ainsi que leurs business models de façon à être rentables économiquement, régénératifs pour les écosystèmes et vertueux socialement

So how?

  • Wiithaa identifies market opportunities to meet your strategic challenges of tomorrow.
  • Wiithaa trains your teams to integrate the opportunities that the circular economy offers into their daily lives.
  • Wiithaa transforms your industrial waste by reducing or reusing it.
  • Wiithaa designs new products to enable you to differentiate and improve the user experience of your customers.
  • Finally, Wiithaa anticipates the end-of-life of your products, packaging and materials by transforming them into resources. This enables you to reduce your costs and build user loyalty through an approach based on differentiation and commitment.

Through the concept of circular design, Wiithaa allows you to innovate in order to reconcile the economy, resources and nature.”

You liked it? Let’s work together and who knows, maybe we will share our collaboration in our next vidéo?

A huge thanks to Bureau Kayser for their work on this vidéo.

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